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We use Stripe as our payment merchant. We have a step-by-step walk-through in setting up Stripe with PSS. Stripe charges 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. Stripe will bundle several online payments made by your clients on a single day and then send them to your bank account after two business days (for USA based bank accounts).

We have customizable service report templates (for jobs and regular maintenance stops) where you can define your logo, colors, show/hide sections (e.g. tech comments and media items), show/hide readings, dosages, checklist and attention items. You can also decide which service properties receive service reports through email, sms, both or none (in case no service report is to be sent).

Yes, you optionally hide all your client phone numbers from a particular tech.

We pride ourselves by the level of support we provide our clients. You can always contact us by clicking on the Contact Support button at the bottom. Also, we have several in-app tutorials for you to walk-through at your own pace. There is a Get Started checklist and Help Center in the app when you log in to help you through the setup. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the in-app resources, then please do not hesitate to reach out!

Yes, we have various features and tools in the software to give you this insight very quickly and easily (e.g. dosage costs, gas costs, labor costs, etc.)

We offer three main ways to enter your client information: i.   Manually enter using the client form in the software ii.   CSV file import. We provide a spreadsheet template to fill out (or copy and paste) with all your client info. Afterwards, the CSV is uploaded into PSS and all your clients are created! iii.   QuickBooks Online import. We have a QBO integration feature that makes it very easy and quick to import all your clients into PSS from QBO.

PSS has a feature to geo-locate your techs when they check-in on a service stop. We also geo-locate every camera photo/video they take during the service stop so that you can quickly refer to it later and verify the tech’s work on a map. The tech can also take Before, After and Review photos/videos and you can also track if those photos/videos came from the tech’s camera or gallery on the device.

Absolutely! We have designed PSS with ease-of-use in mind - powerful, yet simple. We have separated features so that you use those that you care about, and ignore the rest. We also have a FREE plan so that you can start with 10 clients or less and give it a whirl! We are always here to help! :)

Enterprise customers (300+ clients) that have many employees and require extensive training can purchase a separate training package - please contact support for more details. We’ve successfully onboarded enterprise customers FREE of charge because they only needed 2-3 meetings. So if you have a team that knows a bit about software, you may not need to purchase a training package.

Yes, we have recurring invoices and we have added optional features specific to the pool industry (e.g. invoice per service stop, automatically include dosage costs, etc.). With recurring invoices, invoices are automatically created every month (or whatever time interval you define), which will save you a lot of time and money so that you can focus on other things, such as growing your business (or simply enjoying the extra time)!

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